When I planned the food for the first night of the retreat, I also planned dessert. I had decided to do my old chocolate mint standby. Those cupcakes are delicious. But when I went to the store to get cake mixes, there were not enough boxes of chocolate to make all the cupcakes I had planned to make. So I hastily put two boxes of yellow cake mix in the cart and moved on. When I went to the jam/jelly aisle, I was hoping that inspiration would kick in. I vacillated between raspberry preserves and blueberry jam. Then.. off to the side I saw a jar of Nutella. Ooooh... I think I could do something with that! I came up with a new creation that I have to say is now one of my favorites!

Below you will see
yellow cake with Nutella filling, caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle and buncha crunch topping.
I know, right?!

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