How's breastfeeding going?

Just recently, I got up for a middle of the night feeding. I usually feed Vivy sitting up in bed, completely uncovered by the blankets because I get so hot. This particular night was no different. I situated myself and baby and threw the covers back over Jimmy. And then, a HUGE (like, bigger than my thumb huge) potato bug scuttled out from under the covers!
Oh my gosh! It was disgusting!!! I have no idea how it got there, but that lack of knowledge did not keep me from screaming like a 40 year old Italian man being waxed for the very first time. Jimmy hopped into action in a sleepy stupor. He worked quickly and quietly and promptly went back to sleep. The whole rest of the feeding, I went through all the scenarios in my head of things that could happen while I was nursing a baby and was rendered helpless.
It was that story inducing manic brain that Jimmy confronted in the morning, "What in the world were you freaking out about last night?" he queried.  
"What do you mean?! It was only the biggest potato bug that ever lived crawling out from under the covers to eat me!!"
He went on to deny the freakish manner in which the night passed because he hardly remembered anything. My man can sleep with the best of them.
Fall asleep sitting up? He's got that covered.
Doze off in the middle of a conversation? Jimmy's your man.
And now he can add to his illustrious sleep resume 'can dispatch of freakishly huge bugs without an iota of fear'.
I know Jimmy took care of the potato bug in his sleep, because seeing that man try and conquer a spider in the day time is like living in a sorority house...

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