Survival of the fittest

Because I am a beast when it comes to competition, I am either all in or all out. Yesterday, I chose all in. I decided that it being Kate's first day of school that I would use my time to take the baby on a hike up Westwood Hills. Now, these hills I am very familiar with. I love hiking them. Profusely. I have found the most difficult of combinations among the windy paths. And the most simple. In the past I have always chosen the tricky route to challenge myself. I had gotten so good at the paths that it almost became too easy. And it is with this mindset that I faced the hills today. Silly, silly girl. You see, the last time I hiked Westwood Hills, I was at my most fit. I hadn't had a baby in almost a decade. My skin was as taut as it was ever going to be, which is still a little saggy. But not 7 weeks postpartum saggy. And the most exercise I have done in the last 6 months prior to this week was to peel myself off the couch to get more ice cream.

It is the saggy skinned ice cream eater that took to the hills today, friends. I started out strong. My music was playing, baby was sleeping in the front pack and there was a slight chill in the air. My strength lasted for the first fifty feet. After that, I kept stopping. At first it was to pretend to adjust the baby or check the volume on my headphones. Towards the end I had maxed out my energy so that the 'just checking things' charade was replaced by my huffing and puffing in a manner that I am sure was all kinds of unattractive.

It is when the man with a cane surpassed me that I nearly gave up entirely. Let me repeat myself: man with a cane. Yes. It is true. He stopped to check on me and offered me some gum. The sweet man noticed my heavy breathing and said, "The sugar free gum keeps your mouth from getting dry when you're breathing like that." I know he was trying to be nice, but to point out my breathing?! You can't make this stuff up... I am living in a sitcom.

All embarrassment aside, I finally made it to the top! The baby was still sound asleep despite my panting. We both did well. I survived. The coolest part was walking down. Every person I passed said the same three things in the same order.
1) Good Morning! (it's a friendly place)
2) How old is the baby? (two months)
3)  Good job for getting out here so soon! (thank you. Thank you very much)

It was nice to get validated. And I even promised some of those folks I would see them the following day. I just hope I can survive that long...

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