Well, I'd like to think I learned a lesson today. Here I am going to wax all poetic. Our Relief Society holds a retreat every year. I look forward to this event immensely. This year was no different. Part of this retreat is eating good food that is cooked by different sisters each meal. I signed up for Friday night dinner. For different circumstances, each of my committee members were not available to help with any of the food. There was just something that kept us all from working together. It turned out that I ended up preparing everything. Normally, that would have been easy for me to do, but with a new baby it takes extra time to do everything. Fortunately, Jimmy and Kate were so helpful and I was able to get the car loaded just in the nick of time. I was so frazzled and angry, to be honest. I had tried my best to ask for help, but the people I asked were not flexible. It was quite frankly frustrating because I rarely ask for help.
When I started driving down the hill my thought process went from livid to thoughtful.
In preparation for the retreat, I had talked to many sisters who were planning on attending. In each case, their week was particularly difficult. I thought this: that is probably because the adversary did not want us there. He did not want me to be fulfilled spiritually and feed my friendships. Upon realizing that this weekend would be fantastic if I let it, I started to change my perspective. I started the drive to the retreat in a total dark cloud and came out the other side with a clear mind and grateful heart. In a total aha! moment, the speaker that evening said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." It was such a blessing to be at the retreat that night. The food was great and I didn't even get upset when the committee left without helping to clean up. Talk about a change of perspective!

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