2 months old!

Vivy had her two month check up today.
You know, the one with the shots.
The one where mama cries more than the baby.

It pierces a mother's heart to coo at her baby all the while knowing a sharp object is about to penetrate their soft angel skin. Vivy's face turned from toothless grin to absolute horror in a flash. And she was purple. I have honestly never heard my baby scream like that- and she is vocal, I've heard a lot of screaming from that child. The worst part was not the screaming. The screaming was just plain mad. The most difficult part was when I got to hold her and she stopped screaming and just kept whimpering. It was then that I did my crying. I don't want to do that ever again. No never. But the doctor informed us that it would be required at the next visit too... no wonder people hate the doctor's office- it starts at an early age.

Her stats reflected the very active and fast metabolism my little Vivy has.
Her birth weight- 82% (8 lbs. 10 oz.)
Current weight- 31% (10 lbs. 10 oz.)

Her birth height- 73% (20.25 in.)
Current height- 51% (22.5 in.)

We have a tall and skinny. Kate is tall and skinny. I like fat babies- rollie pollie little things. The chubbier the better. But this one does not stop moving. At all. Vivy kicks in her sleep and triple while she's awake. Fortunately, the doctor confirmed that baby was healthy and eating enough (not many 2 month old babies eat 6oz. every three hours) she just moves all the dang time. Won't that be fun in toddler form? Already nervous about it, folks...
Here she is matching Nana totally by accident. 

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