We were jolted awake this morning by a 6.1 earthquake rocking the Napa valley.
It was scary.  Jimmy and I jumped out of bed and went to get the girls. I was standing in the hallway under the doorjamb waiting for Jimmy and could not for the life of me go and get Vivy. My past history with earthquakes has caused me to be paralyzed with fear when it comes to quakes. I was shaking so much that I had to send Jimmy to get the baby. Kate and I just huddled in the door way waiting for him to come back. Then we walked all together to get shoes. And then all together to get on appropriate clothes. Then all together to try and call family in town. I was holding Kate's hand tighter than she had mine. Out of the whole family, I was being the wimpiest. Nothing had fallen in our house, so I thought that maybe I was overreacting. When we finally got ahold of Jimmy's parents, we realized how very untrue that was. Their house was in complete disarray. All of their dishes had broken and book shelves were toppled in each room. They were nearly trapped in their beds by all the fallen debris. We tried to fall back asleep for a few hours with no luck.
When morning and light came, we sprung into action. I took a shower because power had returned and Jimmy got in his suit to go to the church and help Bishop. We all got in the car fully loaded car to help those who needed it. Kate and I dropped Jimmy off at the church to do bishopric responsibilities and went on to serve. We checked on many different families and gave food and water, comfort and hugs. We ended our humanitarian trip at my in-laws'. There we found this:

Those are just a few pictures of the damage they suffered. Kate and I spent the day helping clean everything up. They did not have power all day. Fortunately, everyone was safe. Honestly, all the people we checked on were unharmed. What a huge blessing! I am glad that we were able to help. I don't want to experience any more earthquakes. No thank you.

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