Will I ever pass?

Whenever Jimmy hears "It'll be fine" from his wife, he knows better than contest or say, "I told you so" in the future. Would you like to know what I thought would be fine this time?

We went for a walk to go get the mail as a family. This is always a pleasant experience. What made this particular time so fun was that I had a brilliant plan! There is a beautiful tree in the middle of the south field on our way to the mailbox. I admire this tree, I long for family pictures on this tree. Unfortunately, the tree is always covered in poison oak. Lady Luck was shining on me today! The poison oak had vanished! I got very giddy, very quickly. Not only was the poison oak gone, the sun light was perfect. So, I bebopped over the fence and sat in the beautiful, portrait-worthy belly of the tree and beckoned my innocent daughter to sit on my lap. Jimmy expressed his concern. I replied with, "It'll be fine! If you're so scared, just take our picture." He agreed to do so... my dreams were coming true. There would be a sweet mother-daughter picture with the elusive tree hanging in our home!
First of all, Jimmy is fabulous at capturing video and taking pictures of video games... not so much with the people- so the pictures didn't come out as flawless as planned. Plus, I was wearing a hideous outfit with flip flops and terrible hair. It didn't help that the tree was uncomfortable as all get out and having a 50 pounder on your lap doesn't help with the bark riding up. But, I did it! I triumphed! The tree was defeated!
When I came home with an itchy rash, I thought nothing of scratching to my content. Jimmy, a veteran of poison oak nearly choked when he saw my going to town on my arm. "Stop! Stop that right now!" I was oblivious to his reaction. At warp speed, my husband got out he hydrocortizone and slathered up my arm with a surgeon's precision. In a split second I had come to many realizations at once:

1) Jimmy rocks the casbah for: a) not saying, "I told you so" and b) taking care of me better than I could have ever imagined.
2) The tree only attracted me because I could never have it.
3) That tree is so stupid!
4) If that tree was a person, I'd beat it up.
5) Whenever I say "It'll be fine" I should hide my self in a fox hole until the urge is suppressed.

And now, I'm typing to you on hyrdocortizone covered hands and all I have to show is these pictures...

p.s.- poison oak is still contagious when it is not showing leaves. Do you see all the withered up looking stems around us? Yeah, the withered up looking stems of poison oak are a test to weed out the stupid people- I didn't pass.


dddiva said...

Ouch. Sorry for the itchies but you did get some great pics. Yay for men who don't say I told you so.

Esther Peterson said...

I love them Stephanie!!! Itwas an excellent idea. One day I would love to find the time and the spot to do something like that with my boys (including daddy)

esther said...

Sorry, my whole comment did not go through.Any way, the rest was:
Even when was painful “Do what feels right.” Keep this in mind if you’d consider trying the best experiences in life. It’s worth it! We need to check in with ourselves and seeing our thoughts come alive on actions or paper is a meaningful and profound way to do it. Develop yourself and express all that is inside you, even if you have to face a little bit of risk. At the end, in couple years you will be laughing of this moment. Thanks for being there Jimmy.

{Amy} said...

Stupid tree. Cute pics. You make me laugh. {I didn't wanna say LOL.} hahahaha!!!!!!!!! :o)

{april kennedy} said...

Sounds like you protected your daughter though?! Good mommy! Always sacrificing!

julyn said...

This is why I love your blog. You are the poster child for "carpe diem"....even when prickles are involved.

Rachel said...

that is pretty sucky and funny too. Sorry =) Glad you got some mommy daughter pics out of it.

Tara said...

I would like to say the pics were totally worth it, however I'm not the scratching my skin off. They ARE awesome though!! You look great (although 1 picture seems to show your displeasure with bark-in-the-butt moreso than the others)...and Kaitlin is adorable in her little dress and hat! If I can get my kids in clean underwear & clean shirts I'm satisfied! Good to go, just throw on some sweatpants! Hope the itchies go away soon!