And the winner is...

April! I swear, it was totally random!!! I just can't believe April was pulled! I put numbers on slips of paper and drew a number.. I didn't even know who won until I counted down! Well, April- congrats and have fun picking what you want. I have three menus to choose from:

Pan seared salmon with citrus glaze on a bed of wasabi mashed potatoes and corn & shitake ragu topped with miso sauce


Corn spoon bread with bbq pulled pork, crisp onions and horseradish dijon aioli


Roasted vegetable curry with basmati rice table

All dinners are accompanied by a salad course and dessert... plus, because it's YOU- blue cheese stuffed grapes. Congratulations and let me know what you choose!


april kennedy said...

HOLY COW! I hit the motherlode! What a prize to win! And ladies...it was number 5...my first comment...so I won fair and square!

Decisions, decisions!

Thank you, Stephanie....I blogged about it over on my blog! YOU, CHEF GODDESS, you!

april kennedy said...

OH...and I AM down on my knees bowing in front of you thanking you for the blue cheese stuffed grapes!

What a fantastic surprise!

Rachel said...

dang, I guess I started following your blog too late. maybe next 100th post. :)

Kelly said...

I think April needs to go away...far far away. She's way too lucky.

Kelly said...

Yes, I'm bitter