Guilt Soup with a side of awwwww, anyone?

As I was busy blogging (read:ignoring my family), Kaitlin came in the office to give me a letter. I am used to these letters, as I get them nearly every hour, on the hour of her waking existence. Brushing Kate off only worked the first few times, so I finally huffed, "Okay... thank you, I'll read it right now." So, I proceeded to open the clumsily wrapped letter and found this:
I lOvE you
yOu arE tHE

Usually the letters involve a single scribble. She has never written a single word! Now she's writing full sentences! I cried... and took a picture for my blog.
p.s. Kaitlin would like me to mention the hearts painstakingly illustrated around the border.


Noah's Mommy said...

that is so sweet...brings a tear to my eye...she is such a little cutie pa tootie....such a sweet girl...

{april kennedy} said...

too sweet...definitely worth framing and hanging by the computer!

Rella said...

Ah yes... these are the moments that make being a mom THE greatest job in the world.

Megan said...

That is soooo great. What a good job she did. Way to go Kaitlin.