I'd like to thank the academy...

...actually, Noah's Mommy, over at Project Mommyhood
Look what I got!
So, girls, this is how it works... Upon acceptance of award, one must say ten honest things about themselves and bestow award to seven other bloggers that represent an honest and opinionated voice in these days of spray tans and uncomfortable shoes- well, enough about me...not really, I have to tell you ten more things. Here goes:

1) I have to eat, shop, clothe in even numbers. I hate odd numbers, they're bad for my juju... which explains the four instead of three cookie conundrum. Unless, of course, the number is 11- then I'm okay.
2) I have to be able to SEE my bookmark somewhere in my peripheral vision when I'm reading, or I can't concentrate on the book. I must know I can stop at anytime and not lose my place.
3) Comments make me happy. I check my blog multiple times a day to see who really loves me.
4) I never wear big earrings and big necklace together. I learned that from Salma Hayek.
5) I will never use 'lol'... I don't know why it drives me crazy to use acronyms. Instead, when I'm chatting online with buddies, I will type, 'Heehee. or HaHa. or if it's really funny HAhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaa!!!!'
6) I love cooking, yet hate baking. Whilst cooking, one may prod the food along- baking, not so much. Once it's in the oven, I HAVE NO CONTROL over whether or not it gets done. So what do I do every time? Open the oven, touch the food. Not done yet? Open the oven, touch the food. This procedure continues as I extend the cooking time each time I let precious heat out of the hot box. Thus, no baking... unless I'm sick.
7) Green and pink will always be my favorite color combination... yet my favorite color is indigo.
8) I know I won the lottery in the husband department. He doesn't know he's lost yet... I'm waiting for him to wake up one day and say, "What happened and why do I have this huge bump on my head and why in the world is there a club on the floor? wow. This fur butt flap is awfully uncomfortable..."
9) I'm still training myself to walk in my favorite pair of shoes. Trust me, there will be a HUGE post when I accomplish walking anywhere in them.
10) I love reading, but I refuse to join a book club. It's like high school all over again. If I don't choose the book, it won't be good. Even if I've read it previously and loved it. Lead me unknowingly into change and I'm fine... tell me you want me to do something- I'm not budging. I like to know I have a choice- and if I don't have a choice- lie to me.

Here are 7 bloggers on which I would love to bestow this award:
Actually, I don't know 7 people... so I'll pick three:
1) The Bear Den- I love how Lynda tells it how it is.
2) Lisa Hiserman- The 'Maddie fell asleep in the laundry room' post is by far one of my favorite posts of all time!
3) Pricess Vespa- anyone with a Spaceballs picture is good in my book.


dddiva said...

Hehe funny I am just the opposite with the numbers ODD except for 8. ;)

{april kennedy} said...


julyn said...

Your giggling honesty is the reason I love your blog. Keep 'em coming.

Rachel said...

I am totally "LOL" right now. I think you and I are kindred sisters. "amen" to all of that. the baking and the necklace and every last bit of it.

Shawn said...

Just tuned in to your blog for the first time. I think I've been missing out!

lmhiserman said...

I feel so honored that you loved the post about Maddie. As, soon as I can think of 7 blog worthy things about myself, I'll be sure to do a post.