I'm a problem Solver

Our local supermarket has a fantastic deal-Buy 2 gallons of milk for less than the price of one! Who could possibly pass up this deal? Not me! I'm all about the bargains. Even though we always drink one and one sixteenth of a gallon before the milk goes bad, it seems like a steal to me. I had made a pact with myself this time. I will drink all the milk, even if it kills me... I tried so hard. Extra cereal was consumed. Moo juice was gulped between meals, but to no avail. We were approaching the 'best by' date of the milk at what seemed to be warp speed. I had to think fast! Now, I know how much I hate baking, but I put my own welfare aside to take one for the team. I baked 2 dozen of the most delicious fabulous cookies... with broken pieces of See's candy instead of chocolate chips... because I never bake, I never have chocolate chips on hand- but I ALWAYS have See's candy! So, not only did I single handedly save our family from utter milk destruction, I used ingenuity in the process. Now, that's a smart cookie!


julyn said...

You used See's candy to use up the final dab of milk? Hahahahhhha. You'd best give me your mailing address and I'll send you a bag of chocolate chips. That's just a "waist" of good chocolate. On the other hand, those cookies were probably the best.

She Who Has Been Known To Serve Chocolate Ice Cream To House Guests For Breakfast ;) said...

You have sinned the Cardinal sin in my book: No chocolate chips. At any given time I have about 2-3 lbs of chips in my house!

Looking at those cookies...they look yummy however, they need about 65% more chocolate in them. They look very sparsely chocolated.

The preferred (well MY preferred) chocolate chip cookie has chocolate chips falling out of the batter because there's no more room in the batter to hold the chips inside. Any runaway chips adorn the top of the cookie.

{april kennedy} said...

Well I think the cookies look fabulous and I'll take See's candy ANY which way! Nice problem solving!

Megan said...

I bet they were good. I don't like a lot of chocolate in my cookies. I always use the minimum. Yes, I know, I am crazy.