I've Been Tagged!*

1) Cooking new and super complicated recipes. I feel like I've accomplished something if it tastes good.
2) Living out in the country...ahhh
3) Looking really hot. I love to strut my stuff, although I am too lazy to do it all the time. Maybe that's why I feel so great when I actually try. I like to think it negates all the times I wear sweat pants in public.

1) Being lost at sea. There's something about being surrounded by water you can't drink that bothers me. Maybe it's an unconscious metaphor?
2) Jimmy dying before me.
3) Kaitlin being the outcast in school. I hate seeing her feelings get hurt by her peers. It makes my heart literally hurt.

I want to open a cafe in some cute downtown location. I already have so many ideas! I also want to eventually build our dream house. I have already drawn out the floor plan... and did it to scale... and drew little tiny pieces of furniture. I want to be financially stable enough to have all my children go through high school without having to get a job. I have learned from a very wise woman to fight to retain my childrens' childhood because they will be adults for the rest of their lives. I want to be eloquent... someday. I want to be that person that everybody quotes in a RS lesson, just because I am wise and humble and strong. I want to be just like Linda Hosking.

Current Obsessions: Blogging for one. My new digital camera, Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight (heeheheheheeee.... I luv luv luv Edward) also: Rock Band, blogging, goat cheese, 'Shake it' by Metro Station, blogging, chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels from TJ's... These are just my obsessions for today. I do have an obsessive personality i.e. check out this post.

*I would like to tag Lynda/Kyle, Corinne and Mom

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April Kennedy said...

Stephanie...we have totally been listening to this song by Metro Station..Shake it for about 3 weeks now! we love it too!