I go weak in the knees for navy

Blue, that is. Pathetic, I know. It must be the nautical spirit in me. One of my favorite outfits is a navy polo shirt, crisp white capris and the shoes pictured in my third post. How did I come to start a blog all about the color navy blue? Well, kids, I will tell you. Pull up a seat and stay awhile- this will take some time...

Once upon a time, in a town square so quaint
Was a group of quirky friends, all Latter-Day Saints
we gathered together because of Christopher's sandwich, fair
and decided to meet, to try the good eats there
it all started with a picture posted on Kelly's page
April made a comment that definitely set the stage
Carla and Stephanie joined in, the picture enticed them too
Then seven women came, when it started with just two
We laughed about our blogging done, and lack thereof for some
We ate amazing, cheap food and had loads of fun!

So, now I'm done with the rhyming (how exhausting!) but, not done with the story. I bet you're wondering why I made such a big deal about navy. Well, at lunch- some of the ladies had no idea what we were talking about when it came to blogging. I think one was so confused with the lingo. You know: post, comment, profile, yada, yada, yada. I went shopping after lunch with a couple ladies for makeup. Yeah, that turned into hair product, makeup from two other stores, clothes shopping, throwing clothes over the door to each other, all that awesomeness that comes with shopping. It was a hoot! I just continued talking about blogging with the ladies that looked at me like I had two heads. (they were of the non blogging side of the table) I felt so bad when I kept saying to them, "See! All this stuff you're telling me would go great on a post. You should totally do it!" On and on I go- even with the rolling eyes and long sighs from my shopping buddies. I decided in the middle of our shopping that I would quit talking about blogging. I did really well! I almost made it out of the store. We were on the threshold leaving our last store. We pass a super cute navy blue skirt and DENIED! I just had to come out with, "I go weak in the knees for navy. Wow! That's a great title for my post"
p.s. I got a kick butt red lipstick, can I get a whut, whut?

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