"Please, tell me you know Herman's Hermits!"

"Come on, man!" overheard by the man behind me in line at Trader Joe's.
At TJ's, totally awesome music was being piped in through the speakers. All late 50's and early 60's music. Fantastic stuff, that is. It got to the point that I was dancing and singing in the produce section while Kaitlin whispered, "You're embarassing me, Mom!" Yeah, she's four years old. I thought I had ten more years before I embarassed her. I didn't even know she knew the meaning of the word, nevermind putting it in context and italics. As I am bebopping around the store, Kaitlin is following at a distance that people would think she was a mature four year old shopping all by herself. By the end of our shopping experience, I had heard music from the Beatles, the Supremes and Herman's Hermits. In fact, the song "Henry the 8th" was just ending as I got into line to pay for my purchases. I was so excited that Herman's Hermit's was on that I asked the teenage cashier if he liked them. He looked at me as if I asked if they had pig head in stock. (If you don't know what that look is- it's look combining disgust, fear, confusion and curiosity. I'm sure there was a mixture of, 'this lady's crazy' in there, but not enough to tip the scale) So, I proceeded to embarass my daughter, who was actually two people behind me in line waiting to buy the things a mature four year old shopping all by herself would purchase, by asking the cashier, "Have you ever seen that movie Ghost? Or, do you not have a girlfriend that would make you watch that movie?" I thought I said it jokingly. But, you see, it's only a joke if he did have a girlfriend. "It's in that movie. It's the part where he's trying to keep the psychic awake. He's just screaming it." The very embarassed (because I let everyone know he didn't have a girlfriend) cashier said, "Oh, that song 'Melody off the hook'?"
"Uhhh... 'Unchained Melody', you mean- goodness, no! That song is by the Everly Brothers, well not originally..."
"No, still don't know the song. I can check in the back if we have any pig's head..."
"No, no that's ok. But you know who the Everly Brothers are, right?"
"Yeah, aren't they the guys who grown women like you have dreams about?"
"No, that's Zac Efron, Edward and Jacob"
"I don't know what you're talking about now. Would you like help with your groceries? Please say no."


Kelly said...

I love the song...I can't say that I really have noticed the music in TJ's, but thanks to my dad and the many family vacations we were forced to listen to the oldies (they weren't oldies back then, they just weren't cool yet). I love the Beach Boys, and even though I have no idea who sings what songs, I still love the "oldies".

I love the comment about the dreams.......I think I hear my pillow calling.

Kelly said...

I have not been able to get Henry the viii out of my mind. It's constant. The great part is that I love it. I think you need to make me a CD, and then we can have a dance party.

Rella said...

Of course I know them! I really am that old. If only we HAD a TJ's to hear that music in I'd be happy...