I woke up looking like...

Courtney Love. Completely delirious.

Just a few reasons for this:
1) make-up smeared all over my face
2) drunken looking walking to the bathroom
3) rockstar ( hideous) hair
4) gravelly voice

Reason for this:
1) too tired to wash my face before bed
2) equilibrium off from jumping repeatedly
3) headbanging
4) screaming and swooning uncontrollably

WHY? Because I went to an awesome concert last night!!! So freakin' awesome! I went with Carla, Michelle, Natalie and Stephanie to a Metro Station, Good Charlotte and Boys like Girls concert in Berkeley. (unfortunately, we missed the Maine because we were 20 minutes late. How many rock concerts have you been to that started on time? Apparently they are punctual in the east bay.) I had sooooo much fun. I rocked out! Carla and I were so excited and squealing like little girls, while the girls we were supposed to be chaperoning displayed the most mature and mild reactions to our experience. Maybe they should be chaperoning us! I stood in line to touch the guitarist from Metro Station because, like the goody-two-shoes we are, we followed the rules on the tickets and didn't bring in the camera. Everyone and their mother (literally- I was among hundreds of 13 yr. olds.) brought a camera. So, this is what I said to guitarist, Johno (he signed my ticket with a heart OoOoooO!!) "Hi. I didn't bring my camera, so I just want to be able to say I touched you." Then I proceeded to poke his scrawny rockstar arm. Love it! I also touched some other band member. I don't know who it was, but after much google searching, I'm sure I can find out. On the way out of Berkeley, we passed the tour bus for Boys like Girls and screamed like the girls that boys like! Wooo Hooo! So much teenage fun, it makes me want to wear my retainer again...

*****Metro Station*****

****Good Charlotte****

****Boys like Girls****


April Kennedy said...

I love it! Sounds like too much fun. Do you even know where your retainer is???? Mine is in my keepsake box!

April Kennedy said...

Hey...by the way...you have been tagged on my blog!

Megan said...

Awesome!! I am hiking Half Dome tonight so I might not get to talk to you. I am so glad that you have your blog because I wanted to hear about your concert.