Wanna hear something gross?

  • I like to dip my broccoli in mayonnaise
  • I just paid a $21.50 library fine- and did not damage a book- just fees
  • I had a friend that would trim his toenails with his teeth- ugh!
  • I like maple syrup on my breakfast sausage
  • I haven't cleaned our guest bathroom since the last week in May (I'm doing it today...)
  • I've seen a lizard lose it's tail
  • I have killed a countless amount of spiders (we stopped counting at 2,387)
  • I have only seen the Sound of Music one time and it was last year, and only because a prompting at Girls' Camp
  • I've spotted a black scorpion in our bedroom
  • I'm not afraid of ticks anymore, it's a nightly occurence on our dogs
  • Kaitlin is not afraid of ticks anymore, she's picked them up with toilet paper and flushed 'em- just like Mommy!!!
  • Jimmy puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING- sometimes even ice cream!
  • I've played 'covered wagon'
  • My father-in-law puts ketchup AND peanut butter on his pizza



April Kennedy said...

I've got you on the library late fee charge. Kaia came home with Grandma Toni and proudly announced we owed $32.00 in late fees and now I have a damaged book to return because the sprinklers went off on our tent in the backyard. That was fun.

Katie Blatter said...

I love syrup on my breakfast sausage!!! Hmm...I think I won't say how long it's been since I've cleaned...and I don't think I want to know what 'covered wagon' is!!

Stephanie said...

Covered wagon- girls' sleepover, pass gas and see who can stay under the covers the longest!

thebearden said...

Mayonnaise on broccoli? There is no other way! I like my french fries with mayonnaise too. Yummm. Ditto on Katie's comment on the breakfast sausage.

Rella said...

And people think I'm weird because I put peanut butter and syrup on my pancakes? I cannot even have syrup on the same plate as sausage, bacon or eggs. I dip artichokes in mayonnaise but nothing else, although my mother showed me that a blend of mayo and mustard as a fry dip is not so bad...

Kelly said...

Blech is right, except for the syrup on the sausage. Library fines stink.