The Lego Movie Review

On Valentine's Day we went to go see The Lego Movie with Kate.
To be honest with you, I went almost begrudgingly, but wanted to appease everyone. Plus, it was kind of the only kid movie in the theater and we really wanted to take Kate out.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this movie. It was really cute. I liked the message at the end. When the moral of the story is good, it makes me feel better that I just let my kid veg out in front a ginormous screen eating junk food...

I loved the cast- so well chosen.
I have to admit that the plot was a little grown up- not in that it was inappropriate- but it was pretty involved. I can imagine a little kid having problems trying to understand what the movie is all about. The fun music (that I cannot get the freak out of my head) and special effects more than made up for the over-the-kids'-head story. It was a movie that had enough humor for adults to enjoy. Kind of like Disney movies- they are meant to be enjoyed by all, not just mundane kiddy fluff.

Jimmy and I were surprised at the twists and turns and truly enjoyed taking Kate to see The Lego Movie. The true test was how did Kate like it? She says (and I quote), "I think sometimes it didn't make any sense, but it was really good and it had a really good twist at the end." Aaaaand she is singing the theme song when I might actually at some point get it out of my head. It's a catchy tune, but I am awfully sick of it.

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