Anti Valentine's Day Gift

Jimmy and I have never been a big Valentine's Day couple.
I honestly can't give you a reason why.
We do make a big deal of birthdays- I suppose it's more personal.
Valentine's Day seems to be a day where you're forced to show love.
I am not knocking V-Day, but we just don't make a big deal out of it.

Last night, Jimmy handed me a gift bag.
Inside that bag was an album I had been coveting ever since I had listened to every song on YouTube.

Bastille!!! (picture to come when Blogger stops throwing a hissy fit about posting images)

I might be late to the party on this band- but I am smitten. It has been a long time since an album has touched me so deeply. I love the style of music (which I just recently learned has no guitar!)
and the story behind the front man is just so endearing.
Well, he also is quite nice to look at (picture to come when Blogger stops being jealous of Dan Smith, Bastille's hot front man)

When Jimmy gave me this gift, I jokingly said, "you should have waited to give it to me until Friday!"
"Then it would look like I got it for Valentine's Day, not because I was thinking of you today." He responded.

Awww... Jimmy is good like that.


Care'n King said...

what a keeper! Love you both!

Care'n King said...

BTW I went online and listened to this band...pretty cool even for a late to the party 63 year old!