Rainy Days

I am scheduled to work at the daycare every Tuesday and Friday. I love my job. I love the kids. This morning I was really looking forward to the day. Looking forward to it so much, that I failed to realize it was raining. You see, my boss at the daycare usually cancels her time at the equestrian center when it rains thus, leaving me free for the day.

So, when I was sitting in my in-laws driveway about to go in their house and kill time before work started, I got a text from my boss reminding me that she would not go out today. At first I was pretty sad- I really love those kids. But then, as most of you might feel on a snow day- the clouds opened up to all the possibilities that lay before me.
I am dressed for the day.
I am already out of the house.
What shall I do?!?!

And so I spent the day meandering around Trader Joe's, Fresh and Easy, Target and ended up at Home Depot in the paint swatch collection.

Seriously, what kind of dork does those things on a 'free-day' ?!?! This dork.
Some days with an unexpected opening I call a friend for lunch. Or go to the library. Or take a hike. But today I spent my time nesting in a way. Because all the  things I got were in preparation for our new arrival. Food storage, maternity jeans, bedroom paint selections...
It was a nice day.

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