One up...

Kate's class this year is a tad unorganized. When I asked the week of Valentine's Day what I could bring to the party, the teacher had not even thought about it. I mentioned that I would be happy to teach a craft, do a cooking demonstration, run some games. Really, anything. Rather than take me up on any of those, she asked that I bring cupcakes. No biggie. I will happily bring cupcakes if that's all that is required of me. So, the room parents sent out an email stating that a family had already signed up for cupcakes and punch and that other things would be greatly appreciated.

Six other families volunteered to bring cupcakes. Seriously? I was just a little miffed that those parents obviously did not read the very clear email. So I decided to be a little competitive and bring the best darn cupcakes. I know it's juvenile, but I was already a tad perturbed that every single party went this way- no plans, I offer to do something fun and am shot down, the kids end up just eating treats and watching an inappropriate movie for the party...
When my one contribution was being challenged- I took the bait. And this is what I brought:

Dark Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla mint frosting and chocolate ganache. They were pretty awesome and completely blew the other cupcakes out of the water... eat my delicious dust.

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Care'n King said...

ohhhh the apple does not fall far from the tree!!!!! I would do the exact same thing! down to the flavors and presentation...taa daaa!
Love you