It had better be a girl...

Because I just dropped some serious change for that sweet little one at the Vacaville outlets.

Kate had a birthday party in Vacaville at the ice rink. Because I didn't want to drive the 45 min, drop Kate off, drive home, drive back to come home again- Jimmy and I decided to make a date of it. A date in this case was shopping. First stop was the maternity store. Total bust. They only went up to a size large and the clothes were hideous/wicked expensive. Also, the sale asscociate. pretty much stalked us the whole 10 minutes we were in there. The lady approached us five times. I am not exaggerating FIVE times!

Off to the children's stores where we hit gold, folks:


Care'n King said...

Slow down girl! What are we going to get you for your shower???????? Start registering at Target or Babies R us and let us share the joy!
Love you ....a lot mom

Care'n King said...

Here is a site that might help


cute clothes...slightly limited in sizes but fun

Care'n King said...

yet another site