It was a productive day!

It was a fabulous day, y'all!!! Spent nearly all day here:
Where I got things for Kate's new big sister equestrian bedroom:
And baby girl's nursery:
And headed over to Babies R Us looking for cribs... Didn't find a crib BUT I did find a stroller/car seat set for $61.98!!!! You can't really see the original price, but it was $350.00! I wonder if I chose a recalled model or something...

THEN, off to Joann's fabric to find inspiration. There are already turquoise walls... Pinterest was no help, but I found this set and ordered more to match. I am super excited! 


Melissa and Matt said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the newly decorated rooms! ps. Checkout walmart.com for convertible cribs. I got mine for $79.

Care'n King said...

check this out for the Prodigy Travel System