Our internet-


I have been wanting to get online to post funny and inspiring stories, but as previously stated, our internet bites like no other. A few days ago, I was reading a great blog, talking to a friend and cooking dinner... I like to multitask... when all of a sudden, just like the late '90's on AOL, I got booted off the internet! Has this happened to you since the "you've got mail" era? Me neither! I can't believe I was kicked off the world wide web! I have proven my worthiness through countless awesome posts and some not so great posts (to keep me humble), why now? I don't know. However, it has been entertaining seeing Jimmy climb up on the roof with various garden tools trying to fix the satellite receiving our signal. Plus, we've gone on family walks because mommy isn't checking everyone else's blogs for a new post. In fact, on one such walk, we took the dogs up the road for a couple of miles. It was fun until Kaitlin fell on some gravel and Jimmy tried to pick some aloe from the side of the road to heal our ailing daughter. Aloe is a pretty tough plant and tends to want to stay put in the ground when one pulls on it. Hence, the cuts on my husband's hands from the 'healing' aloe plant. Yeah... good times. Any event resulting in a rake wielding man on the roof, exercise for me and a couple of injuries, is definitely post worthy.


April K. said...

oh oh oh...love the new background! a little jealous actually! would I be "the friend" you were on the phone with. You were so frustrated and although I still had internet and was probably distracted while talking with you I did feel your pain!

Megan said...

I like this background too!! See ya tonight at scrap booking.