Now the pressure's on

Now that the blog-a-thon is over I can tell you all about the vacation our family returned from 24 hours before the ‘thoning started. We came home early so I could, uh, well- my priorities have never been in conjunction with reality… that’s why I’m so fun (and a little flaky) but I digress…

Here are the pictures from the weekend we spent at the beach house. So fun! My parents came from out of town and we all got to hang, west coast style.

When I informed Kaitlin of our upcoming awesome vacation, like the dutiful jet setter she is (she has her very own matching luggage), Kaitlin promptly packed her most important possessions. Flashback to Spaceballs: "Take only what you need to survive!" "It's my industrial strength hair dryer- AND I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!"

This snapshot was taken before the sunburn, look how optimistically pale we are... (gotta love the aviators, I looked for them for 2 years!)

Corn mazes are pretty cool, until the ears of corn start talking to you and tell you, "just one more step... it's right around the corner... keep going... you'll get out of here... I promise..."
My wonderful, amazing, supportive and super duper awesome family and some guy I don't know. He even has a matching shirt. I would love to tell you stories of matching shirts... let's save that for another post. I only talk about childhood therapy issues when I'm feeling strong. (Now that we're sharing feelings... I actually do know everyone in the picture. That comment was *sniff* just my way of *sniff* trying to feel *sniff* funny and accepted *ker-honk*)
Jimmy said he was going to the bathroom, has anyone seen him? Oh dear, why is that pumpkin leaking?

I love this picture. I have no funny jab or silly remark. I just think it's so real and sooo sweet. Kaitlin loves her Grandma.

Let's commence with the commentary... do you think I used too many 'comm' words in that last sentence? hmmm, anyway- HAD to get a picture of the cool hair I did. You know, I did that with my eyes closed? and with one arm tied be- no! one arm totally cut off my body!! and a twitch in my right knee, which, you know, is the dominant one for me. I am so freakin' awesome!

Loved the hay throwing+the cool hair+the screaming child while I pulled out 1 piece of hay at a time. Good times.
The pumpkin patch required that I carry my child out in the newest and safest stroller. Top of the line, or so they say...

The Pacific ocean and Kaitlin face off.

What you don't see in this picture: the ocean won.

What you do see in this picture: the ocean defeated, dude.

Dear Tyra,
I think you should really consider changing the age restrictions on your reality show. I think I have your next Top Model. Love, Stephanie
Dear Stephanie, (in a very somber tone, yet smiling with the eyes)
You're weird. You will not be continuing on your journey to become America's Next Top Model. Love, Tyra


Mamarazzi said...

OMG i BIG red puffy heart your blog. this post had me rolling with laughter...seriously!

i love the way you write!

also...tha pumpkin patch looks super familiar. the name sounds familiar too...i use to live in a town in the south bay that had a pumpkin patch by that name. MH?? (i don't wanna give away your whereabouts...am i close?)

dddiva said...

OMG you are a riot!
Congrats, btw on winning the Amazon GC!
As soon as I know what email you want it sent to (it is $25 btw, not $20) let me know and I'll send you the code so you can start shopping.
So happy I found you yesterday through SITS! I already have you added to my list or this post would do it. Hehehe too frickin cute, looks like you had so much fun and your family is precious.
I am totally envious you had the ocean (I'm a beachy kind of a gal) although I admit I'm a right (some people call it east) coast kind of gal.

Maternal Mirth said...

That was a great start to my day. Laughter is truly the breakfast of champions!

GREAT blog, hon :-)

april kennedy said...

congrats...you won something! too funny of a post...what's even funnier was I was writing mine (not as funny) at 12:06am and decided to delay posting it until morning time! I should have called you!

Maternal Mirth said...

You know, on top of being nice to me, I have to love ya even more for knowing Spaceballs so well AND bonus! a good Tyra dig.

dddiva said...

I got your email but you didn't leave an email address (it said no-reply blogger comment) for me to send the gift code to. Sorry, if you could send one with an email that I can send the actual code to I can get that sent to you. Congrats again, I love your blog and am so glad you won. :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I am dying laughing! You are so FUNNY!!!!

Those photos are fabulous! Beach house...so jealous...I want to holiday at a beach house!

That blogathon was TOOOOO much fun! I so have a blog hangover! lol Thanks for stopping by! :-)


Stacey Muir said...

Seriously, I'm dying over here! I love your blog!

Casey's trio said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog during the SITS event! You have da bomb hair braiding skills:)

TinaBug said...

You are absolutely hilarious! I'm definitely hooked! Thanks for sharing your vacay with us...

I noticed the hair-do before I read the caption. I love it, my daughter wouldn't stay still long enough for me to figure that one out!

Tyra is missing out, because your daughter is beautiful!!! We're gonna be in trouble when they grow up!

hugs from NC