My parents (Mamma Bear) works for the football coaches at Utah State. She gets to attend one out of town game a year. We are so lucky that she chooses the game at San Jose State. This means a whole lotta spoilin' goin' on from the g-diddies. (Did you see I used my required ebonics word of the day? Are you proud?) When they flew into San Jose, we met them for dinner.

We decided on a very close Mexican restaurant called, Pedro’s. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pedro knows how to cook him some good Mexican eats! I love Pedro. Fantastic food. Will work for his food.
My dad just loves to be goofy, especially when pumped full of pain meds for his sore back. The waitress came and asked us how our day was, "good n’you?" She replied with a, "It’s my best day!" in a very heavy accent. ‘Best’ could easily be mistaken for ‘birth’ when spoken with a thick accent. So, Daddy-O breaks into song. Eventually the whole restaurant attendees around us join in. FAB-U-LOUS. I think this story would be more fun with a little background about good ol’ dad.
My father loves movies. Chick flicks, check! Outrageous spoofs, check! Indiscriminate property damage, check! One of his favorites when I was in high school was, ‘My best friend’s wedding’. After seeing that movie, ANY TIME we would go to a restaurant, he would get a literal glint in his eye, lean forward and start very quietly, "From the moment I wake up…. before I put on my makeup…" Everyone else at the table would sing "I say a little prayer for you!" Yes, we did do this quite often. Extremely often.
I wouldn’t have sung with him, but for these reasons, my voice was heard:

1.) I am just as much a quirky duck as he is.
2.) I love it when people stare at me.
3.) He was paying.

The only thing I regret about these singing moments is that I didn’t ever bring the lobster claw gloves and wave them in the air while we sang…

P.S. At sports games, do they have to announce "Team A- 30 points, Team B-NOTHING!"? Why can't the announcer just say, "Team A- 30 points, Team B- Has potential..."?
Just a thought.


Stacey Muir said...

Sounds like you have a fantastic fam. No wonder you're so funny! It sounds like it's in the genes. Anybody who recreates one of the best scenes from My Best Friends Wedding is a friend of mine. ;)

So who won the game?

oh, and btw, at the risk of sounding like a total stalker (promise I'm not) I'm originally from CA (Yorba Linda)and grew up in UT (wanted to go to Utah State, but ended up going to Weber). See? Were we meant to be blogger friends, or what??

april kennedy said...

Darn, Stacey beat me! That's Ok...I like her...I mean I think we are all old enough for a group of 3 girlfriends to get along! Haha.

I LOVE My Best Friend's Wedding...could watch it over and over and over. AND just so you know, I have a great sense of humor, am not easily embarrassed and I can be just as quirky as your father...WANT TO GO TO LUNCH?!

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH...I love the "has potential" too funny. I think thats hysterical that your friends did the word thing. I guess I'm a geek like that too....when my kids were little we played the "word a day" game....each day one of us got to choose some bizarre obscure word from the dictionary...that person would define it, and then everyone had to use it in conversation sometime during the day. It was so funny how some of the words would get slipped in when you didn't see em coming. My kids loved it...and they have a great grip on the English language to this day!

Maternal Mirth said...

"has potential" ... I like that.

dddiva said...

Your family sounds like tons of fun- we randomly burst into song all the time, even in public.
So glad I found your blog through SITS.

TinaBug said...

That is great! I have often thought about doing such a thing ~ I don't have the guts! The scene in the movie is my fav! Sounds like your fam is loads of fun... This is my first time to your blog but you hooked me in, I'll be back.
xo from NC

TinaBug said...

P.S. - TAAAAGGGG you're it!!!

julyn said...

Hey, I'm a USU Alum and would happily break into song anytime anywhere.

I'm going to start the word thing with my fam. It'll give me a great way to touch bases with everyone--now they're all moved away. Love it.

Mamarazzi said...

dude...the next time your folks come to Cali i will meet you in SJ and we can all go out to eat...i so wanna sing!

just the thought of that makes me all giddy!!