Sign of the times

We live on a long, winding road. Off of the road are smaller private drives to get to individual residences. In some cases, the private drives have two to three homes on them. We live on a private drive with two other neighbors a couple of miles up the same way. One of the neighbors have the same 'Yes on Prop 8' signs as we do on the main road, in front of the property we live on. They are a great family with five awesome kids. (I needed to put in a shout out because those kids feed our dogs when we're out of town) When our family left for church at 9:00 this morning, the 'Yes on Prop 8' signs were still out on the road. When the neighbors left for church at 10:30, the signs were gone. Someone had stolen the signs! They came and talked to us after church to let us know what had happened... really?! Someone would really steal signs that don't agree with their beliefs? It's hard for me to believe that someone who claims to be open minded, would not respect an other's right to freedom of speech- on their own property! I am not going to get into any more nasty details.. just the best part.

After church, we went to my in-laws as part of the Sunday tradition (It's a long day for us- morning meeting, obligatory meals...). As we are driving up the road and crested a hill, we see this:

Yes, the neighbors (including/mostly the teenage boys) had made a eight by eleven foot sign! Jimmy and I laughed sooo hard, because it is just like those boys- and dad! Commentary between me and Jimmy:
M: Haha! That sign is huge!
J: Tell me about it! We totally have to get the camera a take a picture for your blog. (Yes, he does give me lotsa great material)
M: Look, there's even a little bumper sticker on the bottom. I bet what they did was this- finished the sign, then one of the boys said (in mock teenage boy voice) "Wait! Let's put a bumper sticker on it!"
J: Haha! That's probably exactly how it went... even with that voice.
Scroll up to check out the little bumper sticker on the bottom of the big sign. Look, they also replaced all the signs we had out on the road too.

As we were driving down the private drive, the neighbors were driving out. We pulled over, rolled down the window and had a good laugh as the dad said, "Yeah, we came home and the boys and I made this sign. It's huge, isn't it? We were all finished when Matt said, 'Wait! Let's put a bumper sticker on it!' " Jimmy and I would have been rolling, had there not been seat belts strapping us in.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wait, does this mean you're in California? Of course it does, what a stupid question. Where are you?

Mamarazzi said...

it is CraZy to me that someone would steal a sign and even craZier if they actually think removing a sign will make people forget how they are going to vote.


Meaghan said...

congratulations on being #1 roll call :)

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Ally said...

Very funny!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

april kennedy said...

I can totally hear them now....let's put a bumper sticker on it! {I just said it out loud in THAT voice, while I was typing it!}

lmhiserman said...

I love your neighbors! They are AWESOME.

gingela5 said...

hahaha...that's great! That should stick it to whoever stole the signs!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

rotfl This story ROCKS!!! You seriously need to enter it into a contest or submit it to Reader's Digest or something! LOL I love it!

nikkicrumpet said...

That giant sign is like a HUGE exclamation point! They get kudos for being so passionate!

nikkicrumpet said...

oh...and to answer your question...YES people would actually do stuff like that because they don't agree with you....When I moved to Massachusetts I added a bumper sticker to my truck...it said
Definition of a liberal: people so open minded that their brains have fallen out....well my truck got keyed so many times that same week...that my husband made me take the sticker off...funny thing my truck hasn't been keyed since....hmmmmmm.....