New member of the family

Giuseppe (our little gangster car) has adopted an Italian mother. She cooks pasta for him and continues to fill his plate even when the little guy insists he's not hungry. We welcome Estelle to the family! Here are some little known facts about the mama:

  • Came with Bengay and Calgon scent at no extra charge

  • Equipped with a trunk large enough to stash a body (She's Sicilian)

  • Still has original license plate frame-Go Bears!

  • She's cheery teal in color

  • I'm pretty sure we found an ad for The Scooter Store wedged in between the seats

  • She recently bought a winter home in Florida

We love Estelle and all her quirkiness.

P.S. this post was inspired by a comment... you know who you are, your majesty. Heehee:)


Kelly said...

I don't think it's fair that Heavenly Father gave you so many talents. Not Fair Not Fair Not fair. You write, you cook, you're funny, smart and witty. There's nothing left for the rest of us.
Love ya Steph. Oh, and welcome Estelle.

Katie Blatter said...

I have to say, it is anonymous in our household. Steph, we knew you were funny, we didn't know you were THIS funny! We all agree you should write a book, or several!! We just love reading your posts. Also, "It's behind the milk"? Rita Rudner, right? I saw a comedy act of hers sometime in the 90's and refer to it still, it is so funny how men never know where anything is! Or maybe they just don't want to waste the time and energy it would take to remember; what would that be, like, .5 seconds?!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ooooo I want some pasta, too! LOL

Thanks so much for coming by on Friday! I'm back in town now and just getting to everyone's blogs! Yours is FUNNNN! :-)


april kennedy said...

I better be the first one to get your cell phone number...ok well, maybe second or third. I could accept that. That is sooo freakin exciting though! Won't you look stylin' crusin' in Estelle with your new phone....oh yeah...you don't drive Estelle...but you spoke so highly of her in your post!

Ronnica said...

Funny, funny! I've never named a car before, but I think I should.

Laura said...

lol. I love this post. Funny! You have a very cute name as well!

nikkicrumpet said...

Lol...ok...so far so good...I'm liking your style. You made me laugh with the car bit. Gee I might be hooked...but I can't make such a monumentous decision based on two posts....so....I continue to snoop

Maternal Mirth said...

I love how you name you cars because ... I DO IT TOO!!!!!

My cars apparently lack in the personality department. Your cars need their own show.