From my husband's point of view:

If an object has been in the same place for 24 hours- it has diasappeared.
If an object is behind another larger object, it has also disappeared.

One thought from wife:
It's behind the milk.


mills said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......HAHAHAHAHA that is so dang funny, guys, can't live with them, and the whole can't live without them is debatable hehe :)

thebearden said...

From a husband's point of view:

If a person forgets and is teased for it- it doesn't help.

If a person forgets and is made the subject of a public blog- it must have been really bad... but probably does the opposite of help.

Give the guy a break, and a kiss. He probably needs one after that post.

; )

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This is perfect!!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MY GOSH...THAT TWO TIMER SCUM SUCKING CHEATER!!! Do you realize we are married to the same man!!! Very funny post!