Never pay sticker price

I refuse to defile my car with bumper stickers. When I am toting an issue (like Prop 8- vote YES!) I tape the sticker on the inside of the car window, so that when elections are over, I can just take it down. I just think bumper stickers are a little tacky- sorry if you're a friend of mine who has a bumper sticker. I do like the ones that are nondecript and simple, though. Like, I'm okay with the Tinkerbell ones that are small and just an outline of her in one color. I guess I just like it if the sticker looks more like a decal that could've come with the car. Please, do not get me started on the honor student bumper sticker... Anyway, I am not a total jerk- I do like reading other people's stickers and giggling. I saw one yesterday that said, "Jesus loves you, but I'm His favorite."

Some other funny sayings I've seen:

"TAKE REVENGE: Crap on a pigeon"

"Fat people are harder to kidnap"

"Don't tailgate me or I'll flick a booger on your windshield!"

"I BRAKE FOR... Oh crap, No Brakes!!!"

"REPUBLICANS vote Tuesday. DEMOCRATS vote Wednesday"

Yes, yes- oh, so funny. I would not, however want to broadcast any of that to the world.


Kelly said...

I think the one that says: "My kid can beat up your honor student" is funny.

thebearden said...

I agree with you on the whole bumper sticker thing. I prefer the car magnets. I did work with a woman who was into the 'car art.' I never did understood the attraction to faded, old 80's toys (like trolls) glued to your car. Her car made bumper stickers look like child's play!