Buyer's remorse...

...or lack thereof. I'm catering a wedding this weekend. All the shopping is done. Yesterday, I drove around two counties like a mad woman buying everything needed for the event. This morning, our household received an ominous call from a very serious sounding man.
"Stephanie Graham?"
"Yes?" I reply trying to hide my shaky voice.
"Have you been shopping quite a bit lately?"
What?!! "Did Jimmy put you up to this?" I swear, he promised he wouldn't be jealous of Venus and Serena... it's not like they slept on his side of the bed...
The serious man interrupts my thoughts, "Ma'am?" Since when am I old enough to be called ma'am? "Ma'am?"
"Oh, sorry! Yes, sir?"
"Stephanie Graham, have you been shopping at Costco, Smart & Final, Safeway, Chevron, Trader Joe's, Ross and Nob Hill in the past 24 hours?"
"Uhhh... yeah..."
"All in one day?"
"Uhhh... yeah..."
"You're amazing!" (He didn't really say that, but I'd like to think that I am amazing.)
He actually said, "Thank you for your time, ma'am. Have a nice day."
Not fair! Not fair! Not fair!- I have a mysterious man calling me about my strange purchases and he calls me ma'am, the purchases are at grocery stores and a gas station and he doesn't even mention how spectacular I am! Customer service in this day and age are seriously going down the drain.

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Megan said...

Was he from the credit card company?