Pucker Up!

Kaitlin has always loved boys...gee, I wonder where she got that from?? When she was a baby, she would turn on that smile for any boy that walked by. I have caught that little girl pouring over magazines and kissing the pictures of cute boys. She has already decided to marry our neighbor, Matthew (who's 14!), Simon from Spiderwick Chronicles, Edmond from The Chronicles of Narnia and now... Zachary from school. Well, at least she's going for boys more her age. Today, Kaitlin told me the story of what went down in the playground.

K: Mommy, Zachary kissed me.
M: Really? then what happened?
K: I said, "Hold on! Wait a minute! Kissing is not allowed at school, teacher says." But Mom, then I said, "But I still love you, Zachary."
M: Well, that's good. Kaitlin, you should really wait before you start kissing boys.
K: Mother, I love him!

Since when did I trade in my little girl for a teenager? Oh gosh, I am in trouble....


April Kennedy said...

Oh too funny. Kaia had a little boy at that same preschool put his arm around her during the year-end program and Dave squirmed through the whole thing!

Kelly said...

You are soooo in for it. I hope she gets it all out now.

Katie Blatter said...

Wow! It's so funny how different boys and girls are! I've enjoyed all your posts even though I'm only commenting here! :) I stayed up late trying to 'organize' the mess of empty plastic bins and garage sale items that are a result of my reorganizing! :) At least now it's an organized mess. Papa and Mike are building the rest of the garage shelves today so soon I'll be able to finish organizing, including the garage! :)