Happy Birthday Kaitlin!

Kaitlin took this picture all by herself!!!
Kaitlin turns 5 years old today! I can't believe she's no longer a toddler. I now have a kid! I have countless memories of my little girl. Here are a few that make me smile:

  • Sometimes I would walk into Kaitlin's room and a mural on the wall using the contents of her diaper as the medium. Needless to say, she stopped taking naps after that.

  • Kaitlin would empty out her drawers and hide her clothes in corners all over the house for safe keeping.

  • At the local jump house she ran away and locked herself in an office. She couldn't get out because the key was inside with her. The owners had to disassemble the door to get her out.

  • Kaitlin got her head stuck in between the railings at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Because of Kaitlin, they had to rebuild their entire banister.

  • The first week we lived up in the hills, she visited the neighbors that live 3/4 mile away. We couldn't find her anywhere! The neighbors called- can you imagine my embarassment?

  • The neighbors from previous story came home one day to Kaitlin in their living room. Yes, she invited herself into their house when they weren't home and welcomed them home. Embarassed by that one too.

  • I caught Kaitlin dipping a cup into the toilet to quench her thirst.

I have so many wonderful and sweet memories of my little girl. She's got a great sense of humor and great taste in music. She would rather read than watch a movie. I just love being around Kaitlin. I am so grateful that I am able to be her mother. She teaches me so much.

I love you Kaitlin, Happy 5th Birthday!!!!


April Kennedy said...

Loved that post....loved the memories!

lmhiserman said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlin. I'm glad to know that my daughter isn't the only crazy kid out there! Maddie actually locked herself in her bedroom once and we had to have someone come out and disassemble the door too.

Katie Blatter said...

Hmmm..I sure do miss her and Jacob being able to play together....Bobo!