Break out the sparkling cider!

I finished Breaking Dawn in less than 14 hours!!! I have a few issues... but I don't want to mention anything that would spoil the book... call me, we'll talk! It was my favorite book of the saga. I am a sucker for the endings. The Last Battle was my favorite book from the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter's seventh year was the best and so on and so forth. I'm still on a last book high.... aaahhhhh!!!!!


{Amy} said...

Well I have some issues with this book! Renesmee?!!! That's all I'll say for now! Nice pic of Edward.

Stephanie said...

That was almost my post heading... but I thought it might spoil things for people! I couldn't get over how bad that name was! In my head, I couldn't pronounce it right, so I would just think Resume. Ugh!

stacey said...

It is a HORRIBLE name. I can't believe this is how she intended for the book to end the entire time. I hate that I got so sucked in just to have such a crappy ending. :S