Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me!

I am a self proclaimed red button kid. The definition of a red button kid is this: one that sees a button, any button and has an overwhelming urge to push/pull said button. I still have to fold my arms when I walk by the fire alarm at the church. Luckily, there's a protective plastic shield over that alarm now. It used to be completely exposed... I would have to walk very quickly past that red button with arms folded and look in the complete opposite direction.
A particular instance in which my little 'problem' got me into a pickle was this:
One very early morning, I was picking up my friend, Katie, to go shopping in San Francisco. Her fiance happened to be sleeping downstairs in the family room just off the kitchen. I had let myself in the house with the stealth of a ninja. Katie saw me downstairs and had to get a few things before we left. As Katie was upstairs getting last minute essentials, I was snooping around the kitchen. That's when I saw it. A little stuffed hamster ironically dressed like a ninja. 'Awwww, how cute!' I thought, as I picked up the furry toy to continue my appraisal. 'Hmmm... there seems to be a button on his cute little paw. A BUTTON?!?! I NEED to press that button now!!!' So, yes, the button was pressed. The result? A very loud dancing hamster singing, 'Everybody was Kung Fu fighting'. Ahhhhh! I kept pushing the button to get the hamster to be quiet, but repeatedly pressing the button only made the hamster sing louder. So loudly that the sleeping fiance woke up. Not only did that not-so-stealth-ninja wake the person sleeping downstairs, but the noise was so loud, that it carried upstairs and woke up the upstairs patrons as well. As a joke, I did receive that EXACT hamster for Christmas the following year. I still have it. I still press the button every time I see it. The batteries have been replaced twice.

We have been having quite a few parties at our house lately. Someone left this in the guest room:
Did you notice the innovative design? You know, the button? Well, you guessed it... I pressed the button... I also failed to notice the nozzle was directed at my face... namely my left eye... typing is a little difficult with the use of one eye.


Juls said...

..hee hee...I cracked up a couple of times during that one...I can totally relate. I know the kung fu singing hamster--I used to work retail, and the store I worked in sold them....well, let's just say if about 30 at a time were going off...it was "never" my fault.

Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

hahaha! I love it! Nugs pushes the button on a frog at Grandma's house and she LOVES it. we definately do not have one like that at our house.

{april kennedy} said...

they had that same kung fu fighting hamster at Blake's physical therapy and I pushed the button EVERY time we went...which was three times a week. The therapists would laugh a little laugh that really said, "cmon...we have to hear that all day long...and you are an adult!" I loved it and they often joked that it was going to be gifted to Blake at the end of therapy! Now I really can't wait for Thursday!!!! (you better not hide it....and if you do...I will tear your house apart looking for it!)

Christina said...

lol ouch!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... that had to BURN!!!