Recent hang up

I have been spending all my time recently, searching for perfect picture frames, shelves, accessories and such for a wall I'm trying to re-decorate. I cannot think of anything else. I went to the temple this week and during the whole session, all I thought about was going to the book store afterward to find the perfect sized picture to complete my puzzle of perfection. Pure bliss will be achieved when I get to post the finished product on this here blog... but until then, do not expect a good post about anything else... did you not see my last post about cupcakes?!?!?!

p.s. do like my post title and intended pun? Aren't I so clever....


{april kennedy} said...

I will help if you need it! I love doing stuff like that! Can't wait to see the finished project.

julyn said...

Makeover shows been rocking your world, have they?

.....hahaha, I always have to watch to the end...can't miss the big reveal.