fashion statement

Our little Kaitlin is about to be really chic for a preschooler. At her preschool evaluation last week, Kaitlin's teacher expressed amazement at Kaitlin's ability to share with her peers. Also, she was impressed by Kaitlin's imaginative play and comprehension of phonics. The teacher was, however, concerned about some of Kaitlin's development. She pointed out that the things Kaitlin was lacking in could be due to dyslexia or some other learning disability in conjunction with sight.

One doctor's appointment and $250 later- Kaitlin is officially in reading glasses. Hopefully, she'll be able to catch up in time for kindergarten this Fall. Look for an update and a picture of Kaitlin with her new glasses!

Does anyone else find it weird that a child that cannot yet read has reading glasses? She does look like the smartest and most chic preschooler I've ever seen!


{april kennedy} said...

Oh I cant' wait to see! She is always so stylish!

And mommy, don't worry. She is bright and will definitely catch up quickly now that she has help reading all the stuff she can't yet read!

Noah's Mommy said...

I bet she looks uber studious...and chic...I'm not sure if it's weird or not.....who knows these days...sometimes I think people have expectations on three year olds...like they should master quantum physics by Kindergarten....crazy

Kelly said...

Kirra had them too when she was little...she grew out of them...which is great. Now, I think she wants them again! I can't wait to see her in them. She will be beautiful.