For FHE last night, we planted our seeds to germinate for later planting outside. Lets recount the steps taken:
1) Went to Walmart to purchase supplies... child kept putting seed packets in the cart- mom kept putting them back. As simple as that sounds... there were literally hundreds of packets to put back.
2) Waited in ridiculously long line to purchase supplies (why do they only have two lines open???To add insult to injury, all the other lights are on, but no one is at the check out... I suppose they were trying to weed out the stupid people... uh-oh.)
3) Label each seed cup with designated label. Try to decipher lettering done by the insisting 5 yr old.
4) Fill seed cups with dirt- one hundred in all. Clean up seed cups knocked over- 2,025 in all.
5) Get freakin' tiny seeds in little hole in dirt that's making everyone sneeze.
6) Make little flags for seed cups... because once they're in the containers, the previous writing cannot be seen *sigh*
7) Water plants
8) Sweep Floor
9) Mop floor
10) Mom is flying solo next year

Why do I insist on doing these things for a family activity when I end up so frustrated? Oooh! Oooh! I know! I know!!! Pick me!
It's because we have these great pictures to show how much 'fun' we had. Please note that pictures were taken before the opening song:

Is it sad that we've taught out daughter the 'ghetto lip' pose?


Megan said...

The ghetto lip is the best. She looks just like you. HaHaHa. That picture makes me laugh.

{april kennedy} said...

sad?...h.e.double hockey sticks NO...it is hilarious!

Rachel said...

I give you props for trying. Who cares if it turned into a fiasco. Your little thug will remember the fun.

julyn said...

Kudos for effort. Those big juicy tomatoes will make up for all the dirt.