"Will you accept a call from the North Pole?"

Kaitlin and I were sitting on the couch reading yesterday, when I received a phone call from my brother Kyle. He and Lynda were calling from the store with an inquiry as to whether or not the gift they had chosen for Kaitlin was a good one. Kaitlin heard her name on the phone and started jumping up and down..

Kaitlin: "Who is it?!?!"
Me: No one.
Kaitlin: "Who is it?!?!"
Me: Nobody.
Kaitlin: "Who is it?!?!"
Kyle: It's 'Santa Claus' shopping for a present for Kaitlin.
Me: Haahaha... Hi, 'Santa Claus' Heehee...
Kaitlin: (jaw dropping) What?!??!
Me: Uh oh.
Kaitlin: It's Santa Claus? Really? Lemmeetalk...Lemmeetalk...Lemmeetalk...!
Me: Oh, gosh.

I proceeded to put the phone to her ear and Kyle started Ho ho hoing away. Kaitlin clammed up and looked like she was about to shed tears of joy. She looked up at me in utter awe and disbelief at her luck and just couldn't stop smiling. After her phone call, she walked around like she had just won the lottery... Looks like we just started a new family tradition.

P.S. Kaitlin found out she was on the 'good list' and was absolutely perfect for the rest of the day because mommy kept reminding her that she wanted to stay on that list. I'm awesome...or evil


april kennedy said...

That's awesome! And, are you kidding me...I use the 'Santa is watching you' ALL YEAR LONG!

Mamarazzi said...

AWESOME!! that little bit of goodness is going to come in VERY handy over the next few weeks! SUHWEET!

{Amy} said...

That is SWEET! Love it.

Megan said...

That is great!!!

Lump said...

ooooh I would so do this if I had kids!! shit, I wonder if it will work on the boyfriend. hmmmm.... ;)