Back log

I have been insanely busy! I have posted back logs for those who want to see what I've been doing! In the past two weeks, I have prepared 3 Thanksgiving feasts (one with 17 guests, one with 64 and one with 75!) catered 1 wedding, gone to see Twilight 2 times, attended an awesome Twilight party, played nurse for 3 days, ran one craft day for 8-11 year old girls, attended a craft day for me, cleaned up after a very sick dog for 7 days, brought dinner to 2 families, ran 1 meeting, taught 1 day at Cherubs, attended a ward party, sent in food for a Harvest Party at school, had the missionaries over for dinner, and worked out every day!

It has been INSANE!!!


Megan said...

Yea I am glad that you are back to your crazy self. Are you ready for Cherubs on Saturday?

april kennedy said...

Oh how I have missed your updates! They were all great! Thanks. And, by the way, you look hot there in your kitchen and apron cooking!

Congrats on the 16 lbs!!!!!! You go girl...you are inspiring me!