Another Wedding...

Here's the menu for the open house I just did:

  • lemon bars

  • chocolate mint brownies

  • cheesecake bites

  • cream puffs

  • strawberry custard blossoms

  • truffles

  • mini cupcakes with butter cream frosting

  • fresh fruit platters

I wish I got a picture, everything was so cute- all tiny little bite-sized pieces of deliciousness! Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a HUGE deal! I baked it all from scratch- ALL BY MYSELF (excluding the lemon bars... Jimmy did those) everything was sinfully good. I wouldn't know, though :), I have been practicing a life style change- no sugar! (I actually tasted everything once, just to make sure it was good, but only 1 bite!)

P.S.- update on the life style change- I have lost 16 lbs., Jimmy has lost 21 lbs. YAY US!

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Katie Blatter said...

Steph, I'm so proud of you guys! I know you hate (or at least did) exercising, and to make yourself do it just because it will help you live longer and feel better, wow for you guys!! :)