I have been diagnosed with OCD...

Obsessive CULLEN Disorder, that is! I went to the midnight showing of TWILIGHT!!!!!! YAY!!!!! You may read on, there are no spoilers in this post. It's always fun to go to a midnight showing... for the first Harry Potter movie, Jimmy and I went at Midnight in Berkeley- crazy college town where all the students were dressed up - it was a blast! Well, the Twilight midnight showing was just as fun! There were people with all their homemade t-shirts... I had to take pictures!

Front: Do I Dazzle you? Back: frequently.

Front: Twilight Back: It's about a vampire who loves a girl... pause... just read it!

Front: Twilight Back: Jacob Black, I want to LA PUSH you off a cliff

Front: Save a Volvo, ride a vampire Back: Twilight

Front: When God made Robert Pattinson, he was just showing off

Front: OCD Obsessive Cullen Disorder ( I stole my post heading from this shirt... saved the best for last!)

Natalie, Janeen & me- waiting and all very tired.... Janeen wanted a picture to prove to her grown children that she actually stayed up to go to the Midnight showing!Megan and I always get a little too into it...I even wore the red lipstick in honor of the beautiful vampires.

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ashley said...

I loved twilight...I had a great shirt too... email me at melissastewart.ashleyluckett@gmail.com, and i'll send you a pic!!