Nurse Stephanie

My mom just underwent gastric bypass and I went to pick her up from the hospital . She looks good, albeit sore. I have spent the last few days down in Santa Cruz taking care of her. We've had lots of fun. We did a total overhaul on the kitchen (what can I say, I was a professional organizer... it's in the blood!), seeded about 40 lbs. of pomegranates (messy little buggers) and watched a foreign film. My mom is doing great! She is healing nicely and being a real trooper. I bet she will have nightmares about Crystal Light for the rest of her days here on this earth! (she has to drink 2 Liter a day!!!) Below are pictures of when I did her hair like 'Samantha Who?' I wanted to do corn rows, but we didn't have any baby hair elastics.

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Liza said...

I am actually considering this surgery myself and would love to speak with you on your mom's experience if you wouldn't mind. Please email me if you are open to chatting.