... the perfect definition of our trip. That, and lack of sleep, lots of driving, insane amount of fast food. I never want to see a menu with the word 'combo' on it again! My last post was almost a week ago, so I'm sure some of you thought I died, especially because I didn't leave any quirky comments on your posts either. We had a great time with some of our friends catching up. I got to use my 'hush money' at Costa Vida with Katie, Cindi and chillins. We had a fun time at Chuck O' Rama with my family. Plus, I got free ice cream at the Aggie Creamery- thanks Heather & Jeremy!!! It seems that all my vacations are about food. Hmmm.... maybe that explains my physique... I have lots of pictures to share and a few stories. Here are the pictures:

Katie and Ellie at Costa Vida, helping me enjoy my surrender to the right to sue by spending my hush money.

Jim and Jessica right after coming out of the temple. Notice Grandma in the background, "if you touch my granddaughter, you're dead meat, boy!"

Look at those gorgeous bridesmaids! Especially that chunky one in the homemade black and green dress.

Awww... look at the bride and groom in typical Utah wedding pose- it's a good thing they're way hotter than your average bride and groom, or this would just be redundant.

Jim a Jessica, a picture into the future.

We only look excited and mischievous going for the flowers on the cake because we haven't tasted the gum paste calla lilies yet. The 'after' picture's faces are too hideous to publish on the world wide web.

A whole roll of plastic wrap was used to encase Jim & Jessica's car. Honeymoon? Only if they can cut through the mass of food safe protectant.

You know, raw bacon is one of the hardest mediums to write in.
Now for a story: Jimmy and I decided it would be the best thing to buy J&J's wedding gift when we got there for time and space reasons. I thought it was a good idea until I was in Walgreen's the night before the wedding. It was 7:29 pm and I had a pyrex dish filled with a boxed cake mix, measuring cups and electric timer ready to go. As I was standing in line, I thought, "I cannot buy a wedding gift at Walgreen's... this is just wrong... it's my brother's wedding... I could see buying something from Walgreen's for a mere acquaintance, but for my brother?... it's not like they don't need pyrex... everyone needs pyrex... and the gift is cute... you know, themed and all... but Walgreen's, for goodness sake?!?!" After this internal dialogue, I turned to Jimmy and said, "I refuse to buy a wedding gift here. Take me to the Gateway." We drove to the Gateway and ended up getting a beautiful serving platter and set of four cheese knives at Z Gallerie. I will never underestimate Jimmy's husbanding skills, judging by the way he literally ran through the outdoor shopping mall with me heading towards a home decor store. I even think the male cashier had a crush on him... gosh, I love my husband.


{Amy} said...

Cute dress! You've trained your hubby well. :o)

Jennings said...

Hey! We had a fun time with you guys. It was so great to finally meet you too! :)

stacey said...

I love your dress! Way to sew! rofl I crack myself up! Glad you had a fun but fast trip.

April Kennedy said...

You looked AMAZING! Loved the dress. So glad you are home. I asked Michelle if you were home today before I even said "hello" to her. I was dying having to stare at your "hush money" entry all week. Although that post was great! Glad you had a good trip...glad you are home. Call me!