So, I'm gonna go and git spiritual on y'all. Place your hands on your monitor and you shall be healed, my sister! Oops... a little sacrilegious, no? Anyways, today has been a day of one hardship after another. I think I've kept a pretty good humor about it. And then, demondog ran away. I'll explain. My mother-in-law has a very cute but fast chihuahua, Carlos. If the door is open. He will run away. Hence, the nickname, demondog. He runs to a different location every time he gets out. He RUNS... demondog...evil... spawn of, uh, sorry... back to the story. So, after a very long and tiring day after a short sleepless night, I go to pick up Kaitlin at my mother-in-law's house. As we are walking out, Carlos bolts. Argh!! We hop in the car to follow him, but by the time we get to the corner, he's nowhere to be found. I'm driving around to the many spots we've found him before, but to no avail. Now frustration sets up shop like a middle aged woman in a midnight line for Breaking Dawn. It's starting to get tense in the car when- Tah Dah! A teaching moment rears it's beautiful head. I pull over the car to start my mini miracle. "Kaitlin," I say, " let's say a prayer that we will find Carlos." So, I say a prayer that sounds more like a passive aggressive woman starting an argument with a 7 lb. animal (I was really mad!). Then dear, sweet Kaitlin says a prayer that was so gentle and sincere. After wiping my chin from my huge piece of humble pie, we set off on the hunt, er, search for that demon do...... I mean, Carlos. After about 12.5 seconds and two U-turns, Kaitlin yells, "There he is!!!" I am sure there are still skid marks where I pulled over and a nasty stain on the concrete where Carlos was standing- I really think I scared something out of him when he saw me. I picked up the little bugger and handed him to Kaitlin. Being in her arms on the way home is definitely a good penance for a misbehaving little furrball. Before we pulled back onto the road, a prayer of gratitude was uttered by each of us. What a perfect moment to teach Kaitlin about prayer! I am so grateful for the teaching moments we are presented everyday in our lives. As I was in the moment, I felt like I was teaching Kaitlin, but I was wrong. I was learning from her. I am blessed to have had an opportunity to be taught by my little girl in her sincerity. I hope that I don't miss the next chance I get to be taught be my loving Heavenly Father in a valuable teaching moment.

P.S. Just in case my day wasn't difficult enough, this is what I came home to. I will ask one question and answer one question. First, my question: What kind of teaching moment is this supposed to be? Next, to answer your question: yes, it is chicken spread all over my newly mopped floor. demondogs...

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