Quote of the week

"Behind every successful man, is a very surprised mother-in-law"

I would love to leave the post at that, but I'm such a blabber mouth... I first heard this quote at stake temple night- 268 in attendance, Napa Stake is just so awesome. I secretly think that everyone was there to get a glimpse of Russell M. Nelson. He was invited, but had prior obligations. It was so cool to see so many people I knew at the temple. I kept saying, "This must be what heaven is like, seeing all the people you love!" I was hoping someone would laugh by the third time I said it, but I am obnoxious enough to have no one encourage me, even if it was funny. I went to the Saturday night session of stake conference where Russell M. Nelson did attend. WOW. It was amazing! I was in the very first row, right in front of the huge, expesive flower arrangement. Elder Nelson could have spit on me if he had a lisp. That's how close I was! I got to shake his hand after the session. Then, on Sunday morning, we got a new stake presidency and were very blessed to hear from Russell M. Nelson again! He said some amazing things that I feel are too sacred to type on my goofy blog. When the Sunday session was over, I picked Kaitlin up and rushed to the front to get her a glimpse of a true apostle. He shook her hand, said, "I love you, baby" kissed her sweet hand and then said, "don't you forget that!" I about lost it there. It was just so pure and gentle! I will never let her forget what an amazing experience that was. I have just had a fabulous week... full of experiences and realizations. I love my life, I love my family.


April Kennedy said...

I completely lost it...blubbering and all during his whole talk on Sunday morning. I felt so loved and watched out for and so glad to belong to this church! Love that you do too!

{Amy} said...

Stake conference was awesome. I was inspired to do much awesomeness!!