Hush Money

My family and I went to Costa Vida today for lunch. It was really great Americanized Mexican food. We were all seated around a table ready to eat, when I realized I hadn't filled up my drink at the soda fountain. Jimmy and I decided to go up together, when I slipped on a puddle of water and fell, with all my weight landing on the arm fat that swings when I wave. (I was next to a tall trash station and caught my arm on the edge). I was totally humiliated and started crying with real tears, which only added to the humiliation. I never cry in pain like that, so Jimmy knew it really hurt me. He helped me limp my embarrassed self over to the soda fountain and he went to tell management that they had a spill that needed mopping. That was even more embarrassing! The manager came over and asked if I was ok. I nodded through my tears. We went to go sit down at our seats and finish our great food. While I was diving into the next bite of mango salsa, the manager came up behind me and slipped an envelope under my plate. After he left, I opened the envelope. It had a $25 gift certificate in it-whoo hoo! My first response? "Somebody else go fall so we can all come here for dinner!" Then whispered to my mom, "You know this is only hush money, right?"


stacey said...

I LOVE Costa Vida! I love it more than Cafe Rio and that it A LOT! Hope you're ok from the fall!

April Kennedy said...

Stephanie...will your dress cover the bruise that you will surely have? I laughed and winced for you with that post. I hate falling...it is soooo far down for us adults! Glad Jimmy was there to help you. And ummm....$25 is all...c'mon people...it is going to take more than $25 to hush Stephanie up! Love ya!

mills said...

that is so dang funny! ummmm mexican food