Hanging with the Hamiltons: Day 4

Today would have been perfect had it not been hotter than a redneck butt on chili night.
Seriously, over 100*.
We had great morning with everyone. Cleaned the house, packed the car and headed out. We ate lunch at our place so the kids could play with our dog and cat. They watered the neighbor's garden and loved it. We decided to go to a great park that had peacocks roaming the grounds. The park was beautiful and well appointed and dang hot. So, so, so hot. But we all played on the three story high slide, found crawdads in the pond and collected leaves. Not a single peacock was spotted, but we did spot a person exercising their legal right to smoke marijuana when one of the kids said, "Do peacocks smell kind of like skunk? I think I'm getting closer!" We braved Costco with all the kids. Because, I am ambitious. And free samples.
The kids all piled in carts and we took them on a hunt for delicious little morsels hidden in paper cups. It was really fun. I don't know if it was necessary to even buy anyone dinner there, because we all feasted plentifully on the samples. But dinner was bought and (kind of) eaten. The heat started getting to everyone because our seat was right by the door where heat was pouring in. We had a couple of meltdowns that were easily fixed with a $1 churro. Cheapest peace I've ever bought. It was bittersweet to take to kids home to meet with their parents because it was seriously a joy to watch them. I was thrilled to see Kate. She glowing from the great time she had at Trek.

Thought of the day: Next time it is so hot, just plan to spend the ENTIRE day in Costco. They have couches on display and free samples.

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