4th of July

This year our holiday was pretty quiet and uneventful... until Vivy got a hold of it. 
 We started festivities with a viewing of the Silverado Resort fiireworks show on July 3rd. That was fun watching Vivy marching around to the John Phillips Sousa music. We didn't tell her to march, she just instinctively knew that was the right thing to do with that music. She narrowly missed a cactus or two while marching. I am surprised Jimmy survived with all the panic running through his veins.

We had a relaxing morning and we opted to sleep in rather than attend the parade. Best choice ever. 
The evening brought a water balloon fight with the family the began with a good forty minutes of filling up water balloons followed by a whopping 15 second fight. Still, fun was had by all. Mostly. Except for Danny, the three year old that got a balloon popped on his head. By his mother. Niiice, Melissa...

We were completely soaked and laughing all night. The BBQ was yummy and the kids loved the root beer floats. When it got dark, we all went to our church lawn to watch fireworks. After the first firework, and realizing that the trees covered most of the viewing, we high tailed it up to the Young Women's room to watch in the VIP lounge. That seemed like a great idea. It actually would have been a fabulous idea if we didn't have rambunctious children that had already revved their engines rolling down the grassy hill and wrestling. The wrestling continued in the dark YW room from which we viewing the show. One cousin got shoved by Vivy and spent the rest of the night on his Mama's lap. It was only when we turned on the lights that we realized that cousin was covered in blood. Oh geez... Vivy had pushed him into a corner, where he sliced his eyebrow. Luckily, I have a nurse friend that looked at it and determined he didn't need stitches. Like I said, uneventful and relaxing until the veeery end...

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