Girls' Day Out

I decided to spend a whole day with Kate after Trek. We brought Vivy to preschool and started our day off  right- with exercise. And Bouchon Bakery.

After Bouchon, Kate and I went to the boutique shops in Yountville, one of which is a fabulous children's store filled with adorable, one of a kind (translation: expensive) clothes and interesting toys. As I was strolling around the store, I noticed the caliber of games. I am a game girl, so seeing different and exciting games makes my heart happy. In the toy section, the inventory matched in quality. There was hand painted wooden puzzles and education math toys and a lifelike spider climbing from shelf to shelf. I wanted to see that spider closer to see how it worked and shrieked. This was no toy! It was a HUGE (like bum the size of my thumb. Dude, it has to be big if I thought it was a freaking toy) black widow. I am well versed in spiders due to living in the country and sleeping with the windows open. This one threw me for a loop. I think it could have literally thrown me for a loop due to its size. But I digress... The shop keeper heard my scream and came over to check on me. .She also screamed.  Loudly. Which brought the attention of all the other shoppers, who came to investigate. And also screamed. It was kind of  like watching a study in pack mentality. I told the shop keeper that I would kill it and she gave me a measly tissue. I assure all of you that there was no way this beast was going down in a single ply kleenex. Armed with the multitude of tissues she gave me after the first was insufficient, I was poised to pounce. And then uttered aloud, "What's my exit strategy?!" I looked around in a panic for a toilet I knew would not be there. I was in a pickle. The shopkeeper called the janitor in my moment of fear. While waiting for reinforcements, my job was to keep the spider from hiding behind the toys and games, just perching to attack an innocent child. That task was harder than you think. Especially with a crowd of people watching my progress. The janitor was unavailable, but we got the manager of thwe whole shop collection. He came armed with the monthly budget, rolled up in preparation to strike. I don't think he got the memo. To Whom it May Concern: This spider is nearly the size of Rhode Island, prepare accordingly.
He hit the spider with great force, but it did not submit. No, this contender just ran behind a whole shelf of puzzles, getting ready for the next round. I am not afriad of spider normally, but I am not kidding when I say I terrified right now. I found this spider and turned it in. It will hunt me down with it's cronies and make my demise look like an accident. The manager slowly pulled out all the puzzles, found the spider and attacked again. This time, the monthly budget did its job. Praise Jesus. The mess was cleaned up with the many, many tissues I still held in my trembling hand. After that whole scene, I was ready for a more relaxing day.
Kate and I continued to peruse the shops. We headed into St. Helena when we were done, ready for lunch. I took Kate on her maiden trip to Rutherford Grill. It was so fun to experience that with her. Of course we got the skillet cornbread and oreo dessert. That is always a must. After lunch we went to a movie at the Cameo Cinema. It was a slow paced independent film that I lived for and a 13 year old teenager hated. But, the teenager got buttered popcorn, so it was a success.

We strolled thorough downtown St. Helena for a short while, but it was so incredibly hot, we didn't last too long. Then back down to Napa to choose a birthday gift for a friend and Panera for dinner. Dude. Dude. There is a new salad at Panera that was phenomenal. Arugula, watermelon, feta, quinoa, dijon vinaigrette. LOVED it. I sound so basic right now.
We completed our day with a trip to Ulta where Kate happily applied testers freely to her face. When there was no room left on her face to color in, we left. It was an amazing day with an amazing girl.

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