Hanging with the Hamiltons: Day 3

Friday needs to be renamed, Crayday.
Because Friday be cray cray.
Kids out the door on time, check.
Everything else ran smoothly, not check.
Friend saves me with burrito, check.

I got all the kids where they needed to go and headed into work with Mac and Vivy. Kids at the preschool were fine-ish. until someone fell and scraped their knee at the park. And someone insisted they were dying of thirst. And someone ran into another someone coming down the slide as they were going up the slide. And someone didn't pick as many dandelions as they wanted because the field (and Miss Stephanie's hands) ran out. It was a typical tired toddler day.  After work, I ran to go get two of the girls, one of which would be at a friend's house. (explaining that would be too long and tricky, just go with it) Friend's house, no one was home. That's because friend was being an angel and buying me lunch and preparing to take the older girls. Older girls at a play date, Vivy taking a nap, burrito in hand, Grey's Anatomy queued up, ready to take my first juicy bite...
knock at the door. The guy who was supposed to install the A/C at 8:30 am was ready to install it at 1:46 pm. It's so funny, because, you see- 1:46 pm was also the time I was going to Netflix and chow. I let him in and discreetly hid my burrito as I walked him quietly upstairs. Upstairs, next to the sleeping feral child, hoping we wouldn't wake the beast. Fortunately for the installation guy (whom I would have taken out) did not wake the child. Funny thing, he didn't install the A/C either. I don't know what he was doing upstairs while I scarfed my burrito in a very unladylike way, but it wasn't until he drove away and I went to wake Vivy that I noticed nothing was done. Errr... instead of waiting around trying to solve that puzzle, I grabbed a gymnastics leotard (for the kid, not me. Wouldn't that be a sight?) And raced off  to get the girls for their afternoon activities.  We made a cray cray drop off/pick-up that I will list so you can get the full effect and proceed to ooh and aah over my mad skillz.
3:17- get to friend's house to pick up girls
3:18- listen to gymnastics attender explain that I brought the wrong sized leotard
3:22- pick up right sized leotard at the house
3:31- made it (just one minute late to gymnastics)
3:47- brought other girl to appointment
3:48- chase Vivy into the Thai restaurant next to appointment location because she was just intoxicated by the delicious smell and needed to see where it was coming from
3:50- Made it into the building where the appointment was located. Walked around the whole thing realized our parking choice was poor.
4:00- dropped off girl 2 for appointment
4:01- drove home to go get swim suit
4:31- Left home to get boy at preschool
4:47- Get boy at preschool
4:47-4:49- played trains with boy at preschool
4:53- pick up baby at daycare
5:02- pick up girl 2 at appointment
5:14- pick up girl 1 at gymnastics
5:22- go to the house and get swimsuits, order pizza, load the car and race out the door
5:23- turn around to go get forgotten floatie
5:37- pick up pizza and go to pool
Play, eat, laugh, have a grand old time with cousins and aunties.
 I just scrolled up and realized that schedule was overkill. You get it, I was frenzied. But folks, that does not compare with what happened next. I was dressing all the kids in their jim jams (because I am brilliant) and I heard my sister-in-law's car alarm go off. She ran out and tried to fix it to no avail. While I was loading the kids in our car, Jimmy was trying to help with her car. After my sweet (not so handy) Jimmy struggled long enough, I went down to help. After the very handy Stephanie located the fuse for the horn and Jimmy pulled it out, we finally got peace after over 25 minutes of honking. The theft detection system was disarmed after a helpful YouTube video and we started to drive away. My sister-in-law's car refused to be put into gear. So, we drove the kids home, I got them in bed while Jimmy drove back to drive our nieces and nephews home as my in-laws had the car towed to a dealership. This whole ordeal did not wrap up until after midnight. If I were to use one word to describe the day? Cray to the cray.

Thought of the day: Stephanie has very nice friends.

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